Softrader Cloud

Softrader Cloud: Cloud based ERP

Softrader cloud is now available. This is a fully featured version of Softrader that runs in a browser. We have completely re-written Softrader from the ground up using web technologies.

  • Financial ManagementThe financial management provided by Softrader Cloud is extremely important to our clients. From quotation to invoicing it is vital to have efficient and easy to use reporting over all company transactions. Over 30 years Softrader has developed and honed the financial tools available in our software according to client needs resulting in the user friendly and extensive suite of features that are now available. Read more
  • Client ManagementClient and supplier management is one of the most important aspects of any business trading in industrial material. Softrader have been striving for thirty years to give our clients better oversight of these relationships. From easy access to all historic data for your staff, to functional and easy to use access to data and documentation for your clients Softrader Cloud provides everything a company needs to closely manage these relationships over time. Read more
  • Inventory ManagementSoftrader Cloud’s stock system inherits many of the core features of the stock system in Softrader 7. It has been perfected over nearly 30 years of use by companies supplying the oil industry, and has been built around strict requirements for traceability.  At any point in an item’s journey through the system you can see exactly where that item is, and at what stage it is in the process.  Even many years after an order has been shipped to your customer, you can still bring up all the certification details for that item. Read more
  • Quotation & Order ManagementWhether your business handles thousands of orders a month or just a few complex and valuable orders Softrader Cloud provides an extensive suite of functionality that provides everything needed to manage your workflow effectively and efficiently. Softrader have 30 years of experience in providing systems suited to industrial trading providing extensive functionality specifically to maximise efficiency of sales, purchasing and order flow. Read more
  • User ManagementSoftrader Cloud allows you to have fine grained control of your employees’ rights, roles and permissions within the system.  You can permit people exactly the amount of financial and process responsibility they need.  It is also as flexible and scalable as it needs to be to meet any kind of business environment. Read more
  • Production ManagementFrom the companies beginnings providing software for valve stockist/traders to the oil & gas industry we made a gradual progression to different types of manufacturing clients. Having started with a few ‘configure to order’ valve suppliers, we are now capable of supplying complete systems to handle manufacture to order/stock businesses whatever the product. Using the same system to handle production management, sales and logistics simplifies our clients work. This allows them to concentrate on their keys goals whatever they may be, from sales and growth all the way to technological development of their products. Read more
  • Supply Chain ManagementProviding the most efficient and effective supply chain management to our clients has always been one of Softraders key goals. A staff with years of experience in industrial trading and close client contact starting from the point of sale allow us to provide the best systems possible. Read more
  • Document ManagementManaging stored documentation is an essential part of Softrader Cloud in several different contexts.  The Document Management System brings these together so that there can be a flexible overlap between the way these systems are managed. Read more
  • Infrastructure & SecurityThe cost of Softrader Cloud includes the price of the IT infrastructure,  databases and servers.  Servers and databases are managed in house by us, and hosted on AWS, which is rapidly becoming the industry standard for cloud computing because of its reliability,  flexibility and scalability.  If changes to the server infrastructure are required, we can achieve them in minutes, rather than days. Read more