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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management /Control

Providing the most efficient and effective supply chain management to our clients has always been one of Softraders key goals. A staff with years of experience in industrial trading and close client contact starting from the point of sale allow us to provide the best systems possible.

  • Process DocumentsProcess documents (PDs) represent a task, action or hold point in a companies workflow. The most basic Softrader Cloud setup allows for a ‘Process Document Flow’ as follows; Goods Received Note, Pick List, Delivery Note, Invoice, Purchase Invoice.
    With more complex systems holding a plethora of other PDs to handle inspection, rejects and complaints and so on. ‘Item Types’ dictate a products movement through the companies workflow ensuring adherence to a particular workflow procedure. For example at the point of picking, an inspection note can be created, actioned and reviewed if the material is destined for a client with particular quality requirements. Or if material is destined for a less secure delivery process proof of delivery (POD) documents can be made obligatory.
  • Process Document ReportingThe process document transactions in Softrader Cloud are the indicator of what stage an item is at in the order process. Need to know the value of goods invoiced to a specific customer in a year? Process document reporting on Invoices can give you that information. Or perhaps the value of all goods received over the last month? A Process Document Report on Goods Received is what you would use.