Thirty years experience

At Softrader, we have thirty years experience in providing supply chain and ERP software to companies supplying valves, pipes and fittings to the oil and gas and industrial sectors. Our system is now run by numerous high profile clients at more than 30 sites across the globe.

Designed with intimate knowledge of the industry, Softrader’s purpose is to provide all the tools necessary for the busy sales team, together with the tight financial control required for accounting purposes.

From the smallest telephone enquiry to the largest project bid, Softrader products allow our clients to progress the job smoothly from enquiry to invoicing, giving their sales staff the time and information to concentrate on client needs and successfully convert quotations to orders.

Oil & Gas Equipment

Softrader was originally designed over 30 years ago specifically to handle the requirements of valve traders to the oil and gas industry...

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Renewable Energy Equipment

In the 2000s Softrader took the step to expand its scope of application into the renewables industry. Many of the fundamentals of the Software make it just as suitable here as for the oil and gas industry...

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Varied Industries

Softrader is now supplying all of our core products to a wide variety of industries...

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What makes Softrader so versatile?

With a solid client base benefitting from our specialised operational software Softrader had a good platform from which to expand its applications. Functionality has been expanded to include all feasible operational tasks for industries related to our client base. These features where developed with the input of some of our long term clients to help us create the most extensive ERP system in the world specifically designed for industrial equipment suppliers.

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