About Softrader

Industries Served

Here at Softrader we supply ERP/supply chain software to many different industries. Our client base up until around the year 2000 consisted entirely of valve and piping specialists in the Petrochemical and Oil & Gas sector. For the last 15 years we have slowly diversified our industrial applications to encompass supply to the following industries:

  • Agricultural Machinery & Storage
  • Food & Drink Process
  • Power and Energy (including Nuclear)
  • Fluid power
  • Steel construction
  • Tool supply and hire.

Nowadays we have customers trading in non industrial / non metal products:

  • Food wholesalers
  • Catering equipment
  • Lighting and Audio equipment
  • Building supplies

With the launch of Softrader Cloud we are now starting to take on clients outside of the stock, manufacture and trade industry. Any business with a requirement to control workflow and to analyse job costing will find great utility in our products:

  • Building
  • Plumbing
  • Electricians

Thirty years experience

At Softrader, we have thirty years experience in providing supply chain and ERP software to companies supplying valves, pipes and fittings to the oil and gas and industrial sectors. Our system is now run by numerous high profile clients at more than 30 sites across the globe.

Designed with intimate knowledge of the industry, Softrader’s purpose is to provide all the tools necessary for the busy sales team, together with the tight financial control required for accounting purposes.

From the smallest telephone enquiry to the largest project bid, Softrader products allow our clients to progress the job smoothly from enquiry to invoicing, giving their sales staff the time and information to concentrate on client needs and successfully convert quotations to orders.

Our team

The Softrader team is friendly and passionate about what we do. Ready to take any query or solve any issue you may have.

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