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Client Management

Client / Supplier Management

Client and supplier management is one of the most important aspects of any business trading in industrial material. Softrader have been striving for thirty years to give our clients better oversight of these relationships. From easy access to all historic data for your staff, to functional and easy to use access to data and documentation for your clients Softrader Cloud provides everything a company needs to closely manage these relationships over time.

  • Address Book / Customer & Supplier AccountsThe Softrader Cloud address book allows your staff to access as much information as possible on your customers and suppliers. Companies can be stored in the address book as a supplier or customer or even both as is often the case in the industries we serve. Multiple addresses and contacts can be stored against records ensuring the maximum of information is available to your staff.
  • Approved Vendor List (Avl)Vendor management and control will often be a top priority to the clients our users serve. Controlling what products they are supplied with is vital for ensuring they follow their quality control and ethical policies.

    The Softrader Approved Vendor List (AVL) functions simplify handling these obligations. A manufacturer field held against material be it from stock or from trading partners allows your users to select appropriate products for your client and prevents mistakes using warning messages and hold points. End users specific AVLs can be made up and applied to multiple clients and then modified as required.
  • Past Sales And Purchase HistoryThe address book in Softarder Cloud shows a past sales and a past purchases table for ecvery entry. Each and transaction you have made with this entity will be listed their by order reference. At the click of a button your staff can view this data and access all associated documentation and certification.

    As much or as little of this information can also be made available to your suppliers and customers. Managed access to an online account enables your customers to access their documentation without input from your staff saving time and money.
  • Client AccessWherever required, you can provide customers or suppliers with a login to certain parts of your system. These are secure locked down areas where clients can perform simple tasks to streamline your business processes and save both you and them time. From checking delivery schedules to downloading certificates significant time and difficulty can be saved on both sides.
  • Certificate / Document DownloadsCustomers can login and download copies of certificates or other documents. They can search for these by a variety of different criteria (cert number, heat/cast number, Delivery Note number, Job Number, etc). Giving your customer access to every certificate for every item they have bought from you gives them confidence in your QA processes, and saves your staff time.
  • Checking Stock Availability, Online OrderingYou may choose to give a few of your customers access to an online catalogue. This can show or restrict any fields you like from your stock list, and even give them the opportunity to place orders straight through the web interface. See Ecommerce section in Order Management fro more information.
  • Credit LimitsFor industrial trading companies it is vital to have a solid overview of the financial risks they take. Managing customers credit limits can often be a difficult task but Softrader can give you piece of mind knowing that credit limits will be adhered to and that your managers will be informed at the earliest possible moment if a credit limit is reached. Credit limits stored against customers will ensure that material on orders for that client will not leave your warehouse without full approval from the finance department.