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Financial Management

Financial Management /Control

The financial management provided by Softrader Cloud is extremely important to our clients. From quotation to invoicing it is vital to have efficient and easy to use reporting over all company transactions. Over 30 years Softrader has developed and honed the financial tools available in our software according to client needs resulting in the user friendly and extensive suite of features that are now available.

  • ReportingThe scope and usability of the reports in Softrader Cloud has been developed over many years working closely with our clients in order to fulfil all the requirements of a modern industrial trading company.

    Dashboards in the system hold running reports on some basic data such as Monthly sales intake, Monthly invoiced sales. These can be modified and customised for our clients and even customised for their separate departments providing staff with quick role appropriate reporting capabilities.

    Many other more complex reports can be found in the reporting module. Users can select many parameters and limiting factors, the data can then either presented in a report or exported in Excel or CSV files. By saving these settings our consists reports can be produced quickly when needed and the system can even be automated to export thes reports and send them to the appropriate staff member periodically.
  • Order Book ReportingThe Order Book Report can give you a detailed breakdown of the change in value of a given order or set of orders over a period of time. A job may have a healthy margin at the time of initial order placement - this report is how you assess the reality of that margin over the lifetime of the job.
  • Cash Flow ReportingThe Cash Flow reporting screen gives you a complete breakdown of the financial health of your business, complete with graphs to allow you to see any dangerous points over the coming year. The payments system dynamically predicts when a customer is likely to pay you, based on their previous record, so even late paying customers are accounted for in your cash flow predictions. This allows you to take preventative measures to mitigate periods of lower revenue ,any months in advance.
  • Saved Reports And Automatic EmailingHaving created and saved the detailed customised reports your business needs, you can then set up an email schedule to make sure the right people receive the reports they need right into their email inbox.
  • Credit LimitsFor industrial trading companies it is vital to have a solid overview of the financial risks they take. Managing customers credit limits can often be a difficult task but Softrader can give you piece of mind knowing that credit limits will be adhered to and that your managers will be informed at the earliest possible moment if a credit limit is reached. Credit limits stored against customers will ensure that material on orders for that client will not leave your warehouse without full approval from the finance department.
  • Work In Progress / AccrualsSoftrader Cloud offers easy to use and comprehensive WIP/Accruals reporting. You can even choose to produce a WIP or Accruals report as of a certain date.
  • Integration With Accounts SoftwareSoftrader Cloud can quickly and easily export both your invoice and purchase invoice data. The exports can be scheduled for a certain recurring day and time and automatically emailed to the appropriate staff member. This enable seamless integration with an accounts system. Our current clients use a plethora of different accounts systems alongside both Softrader 7 and Softrader Cloud. All major Accounting system will be compatible.
  • Job CostingUnlike many other ERP systems rather than holding a separate sales and purchase ledger all Softrader systems have sales, stock and purchasing data consolidated into a job file. This means that from the moment of enquiry right through to invoicing the system will provide you with real time job costing data………
  • Auto ReportingAuto reporting is a great time saving function for admin users. Most companies run the same reports every week or month at the same time. On Softrader Cloud users can set the parameters for a report and have the system email it directly to them at preset times or saved in a the document management system.