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Quotation & Order Management

Quotation & Order Management /Control

Whether your business handles thousands of orders a month or just a few complex and valuable orders Softrader Cloud provides an extensive suite of functionality that provides everything needed to manage your workflow effectively and efficiently. Softrader have 30 years of experience in providing systems suited to industrial trading providing extensive functionality specifically to maximise efficiency of sales, purchasing and order flow.

The quotation module of Softrader Cloud is suited to large and small trading businesses alike. It can help your business to optimise its sales processes and integrate them seamlessly with the rest of its supply chain. Softrader have 30 years of experience in providing systems suited to industrial trading providing extensive functionality specifically to maximise efficiency of sales.

  • Quotation EntryIn Softrader a quotation file can hold all of the same information as an order file. Users can make items manually, using the coding generator, searching on stock or even using the excel import functionality. It is quick and easy to do this and then make enquiry and quotation documents. Each quotation holds a status against it, from ‘still quoting’ to ‘live’ once you have quoted. When a quotation is accepted or rejected by your client you can log it as ‘lost’ or convert it straight to an order with no need for double entry changing its status to ‘order received’.
  • Jobs & ProjectsUsers can enter new orders from scratch or convert them from quotations in the most flexible way possible. The order entry screens are designed to allow the most amount of useful data to be pulled from the address book and entered by the salesperson as possible. This helps the system to simplify and structure the work ahead while giving managers the maximum amount of oversight and insight into the state of their works in progress.

    Project details can also be entered into the system with multiple jobs held against them. Wherever possible Softrader Cloud give the maximum capacity for data input, this in turn maximises your companies abilities to expedite and report.
  • Bill Of MaterialsA valuable tool for large scale projects, but BOM can be integrated into a job of any size - from simple products made up a few constituent parts all the way up to large scale engineering jobs with hundred or thousand of items. Our system has BOM functionality that is renowned in our original target market of Oil and Gas equipment supply.
  • Job CostingUnlike many other ERP systems rather than holding a separate sales and purchase ledger all Softrader systems have sales, stock and purchasing data consolidated into a job file. This means that from the moment of enquiry right through to invoicing the system will provide you with real time job costing data………
  • Document Production / ControlAll Softrader Cloud users can have a set of custom documents designed for them when they start using our system. The ease with which users can create documents is one of our systems strengths. Clause menus allow managers to ensure the correct extra information is listed on enquiries, POs etc as well and process documents like delivery notes and invoices. Added to this our responsive support department can quickly and easily make changes to your documents as required, adding accreditation logos or information changes etc.
  • Certification / Documentation / TraceabilityOne of the keys to Softraders initial success among valve trading companies in the UK lay in its extensive traceability and documentation functionalities. All material passing through your system can be held against a certificate and heat number (often multiple per item) all the necessary documentation can be held against these records being easily accessible to your staff and customers. Certification can be set to print with whatever process document you require be it inspection note or delivery note.

    The system also allows users to store whatever type of documents they wish against order and quotation references using our Job Folders functionality. From internal documents such as price analysis tables for your sales people to signed delivery notes from hauliers Softrader Cloud can unite all the documentation that you company generates and hold it securely and easily accessible to you staff and clients.

    Four our clients who manufacture their own material we also supply a certification module. This allows users to list standards and specifications, enter testing results etc and generate certification for their products.
  • ReportingReporting is one of the keys to order management in any trading business. Softarder Cloud aims to make reporting as extensive and adaptable as possible. Customer reports can be designed and saved, the system can then be set to produce them periodically and send them to the appropriate staff members.

    Again due to the particular data structure in Softrader it is quick and easy to report on real time job costing, allowing management to keep a close watch of work as it unfolds.

    The Order Book Report can give you a detailed breakdown of the change in value of a given order or set of orders over a period of time. A job may have a healthy margin at the time of initial order placement - this report is how you assess the reality of that margin over the lifetime of the job.

    The Softarder dashboard also provides the users you want with simple graphs reporting important figures, monthly order intake and revenue, stock value and cumulative revenue.
  • B2BMany of Softraders historic customers have group structures with subsidiary or partner companies across Europe Asia and the Americas. Over the years we have developed automatic ordering systems for these companies. With Softrader Cloud we have developed this work into a B2B module.

    The B2B module allows companies to send automatically generated files to each other containing orders enquiries and/or quotes which can then be seamless imported into Softrader at the click of a button saving huge amounts of time especially for companies with regular business that would usually involve serious order entry time.
  • EcommerceSoftrader E-Commerce products offer a quick and easy way for your clients to check your stock and prices and place orders online helping you to raise revenues and reduce workload. It is versatile and customisable in order to accommodate our different clients needs. Access to real time stock levels can be supplied or access to managed stock listings allowing our clients to manage frame agreements appropriately.
  • System IntegrationSoftrader Cloud can be integrated with systems such as SAP (Ariba), IBM Maximo, Hubwoo, and others. This allows seamless and low cost ordering within what we realise are sometimes low-margin contracts. Of course any costs that can be saved in these areas are valuable, and we are expert in facilitating these savings.
  • ExpeditingEfficient expediting is an important part of any supply chain. Chase your suppliers, report to your customers, forecast your future invoicing and current backlog with Softrader’s flexible and comprehensive expediting facilities. See the supply chain management section for further details.