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The cost of Softrader Cloud includes the price of the IT infrastructure,  databases and servers.  Servers and databases are managed in house by us, and hosted on AWS, which is rapidly becoming the industry standard for cloud computing because of its reliability,  flexibility and scalability.  If changes to the server infrastructure are required, we can achieve them in minutes, rather than days.  This infrastructure has several advantages:

  • It SavingsBecause of the comprehensive and secure infrastructure provided with Softrader Cloud, many of our customers no longer feel that they require a traditional server in their office. Of course this saves significant costs.
  • Remote AccessSoftrader Cloud means that any of your staff can work as effectively anywhere in the world as they can if sitting at their desk.
  • Platform IndependantPlatform Independent: because the interface is browser based, it no longer matters whether you use a Mac, and Windows PC, or even a tablet. Softrader Cloud is designed to work equally as effectively on any platform.
  • Dedicated ServersDedicated server for your company: Because of the flexibility of the infrastructure we use, we are able to dedicate a whole VPS server to the running of your Softrader Cloud installation. None of the many servers we run are shared between clients. All of them are encrypted, and all of them are backed up daily.
  • Flexible BackupsWhilst all your data is backed up on AWS by us, you may also be interested in performing backups yourself. That is easily achievable in Softrader Cloud. We can provide you with an easy database export of your data as often as you want. This can be downloaded to your office, or elsewhere, as required.
  • 2 Factor AuthenticationWhen you log in to Softrader, you don't just provide a username and password. You are also required to use an app to produce an authentication code. This code changes every minute, and is only valid for that minute. You may have used this type of system with online banking or another similar service.
  • Database EncryptionIn Softrader Cloud it isn't just your password information that is encrypted. The entire database is encrypted. This means that even if a hacker could get their hands on your data, it would be impossible for them to read it.
  • Device FingerprintingWhen you use your web browser to access Softrader, there are various bits of information visible to the system (software versions, operating system, IP address, language, etc). Put together, this information is relatively unique, and Softrader produces a 'hash' of all this information and stores it. If the next time you login any of this information has changed, Softrader will SMS and email you an activation code. Without this code you cannot access the system. This prevents unauthorised access even if someone has successfully obtained your password and your 2 Factor Authentication code.