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Production Management

Production Management /Control

From the companies beginnings providing software for valve stockist/traders to the oil & gas industry we made a gradual progression to different types of manufacturing clients. Having started with a few ‘configure to order’ valve suppliers, we are now capable of supplying complete systems to handle manufacture to order/stock businesses whatever the product. Using the same system to handle production management, sales and logistics simplifies our clients work. This allows them to concentrate on their keys goals whatever they may be, from sales and growth all the way to technological development of their products.

  • Seamless Workflow & Stock IntegrationThe workflow of any manufacturing venture can be greatly simplified by running a single system to handle the production, stocking and sales of their products. Materials can be moved seamlessly between these three parts of a business with no need for double even triple entry of any data. The availability of data is also key to this integration and has always enabled Softrader to develop outstanding systems for our clients in the manufacturing sector.
  • Production SchedulingProduction scheduling functionality is a vital tool to help our clients oversee costs, improve throughput and reduce delivery times. Functional tools to manage flow through your production lines for your managers helps them in turn produce extensive and practical worksheets for production staff.
  • Certification ProductionThe Softrader Cloud certification system allows your staff to quickly and efficiently create certification for your products whether you are fabricating a product form scratch, assembling a product or even just testing and re-certifying material. Material and testing requirements can be set against your items manually or using saved material standards and specifications. Users are then prompted to enter values for the required test parameters on each heat number. The resulting certificates are then available seamlessly in your document management module.