Services: Softrader 7

Supply Chain Management /Control

Effective Supply Chain Management

Providing the most efficient and effective supply chain management to our clients has always been one of Softraders key goals. A staff with years of experience in industrial trading and close client contact starting from the point of sale allow us to provide the best systems possible.

  • Process DocumentsProcess documents (PDs) represent a task, action or hold point in a companies workflow. The most basic Softrader Cloud setup allows for a ‘Process Document Flow’ as follows; Goods Received Note, Pick List, Delivery Note, Invoice, Purchase Invoice. With more complex systems holding a plethora of other PDs to handle inspection, rejects and complaints and so on. ‘Item Types’ dictate a products movement through the companies workflow ensuring adherence to a particular workflow procedure. For example at the point of picking, an inspection note can be created, actioned and reviewed if the material is destined for a client with particular quality requirements. Or if material is destined for a less secure delivery process proof of delivery (POD) documents can be made obligatory.
  • Process Document ReportingThe process document transactions in Softrader 7 are the indicator of what stage an item is at in the order process. Need to know the value of goods invoiced to a specific customer in a year? Process document reporting on Invoices can give you that information. Or perhaps the value of all goods received over the last month? A Process Document Report on Goods Received is what you would use.