Services: Softrader 7

Quality Assurance (Rejects and Complaints)

Comprehensive Quality Assurance

Softrader 7 incorporates a comprehensive Rejects and Complaints system to deal with all Quality Control issues, both Internal issues, those originating from customers, and issues with suppliers. Rejects and Complaints are dealt with in the same system to allow a continuity of approach.

  • Rejections (Goods Related)There is scope for raising a Reject on Goods at any point of supply, this could be as a result of a rejection by a customer or rejection of a supplier’s goods or documents on receipt. Handling of issues is kept as flexible as possible so that simple issues can be resolved in a streamlined and efficient method and larger problems can be dealt with more thoroughly. Creating a Rejection automatically creates a record in the QA Log.
  • Complaints (Performance Related)This could relate to anything from an internal incident to a complaint by a supplier to an issue with documentation. Records are created manually in the QA Log.
  • Rejects And Complaints ScreenThere are tabs within the Rejects and Complaints screen to deal different aspects of the issue - these can be entered to the extent the issue deserves:
  • DetailsBasic details include planned / actual resolution date - related sales and purchase references and contacts
  • CauseThe Cause of the issue can be described in detail and categorised with either standard or user- configured categories.
  • ActionsActions required to resolve the issue can be entered, categorised and allocated to QA staff with expected resolution dates and actual dates
  • Preventative MeasuresPreventative measures can be entered the same way to help insure that similar problems don’t happen in the future. They are tracked in the same way as the Actions
  • OutcomeWhen an event is complete then it can have a final Evaluation category (with notes) with an actual completion date.
  • CategoriesThe system is supplied with a range of basic categories to cover:
    Reject / Complaint Type
    Action Categories
    Detail Category
    Cause Category
    Prevention Category
    Evaluation Category