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EU Intrastat Reporting

EU Intrastat Reporting

Softrader 7 incorporates sophisticated and flexible facilities for entering / reporting intrastat values for companies trading within the EU.

  • Setup And FlexibilityDepending on how your organisation operates you can ask sales or logistics users to enter commodity code, country and weight information. You can choose which stage this is entered - either

    - whilst entering the initial order or
    - whilst organising receipt (arrivals) and shipping (despatches) of goods or
    - in the accounts department when generating the reports

    You can make this compulsory at any stage (or all of them).

    In addition you can decide which document will be used to update the Intrastat information:
    - for Purchase either Purchase Invoice / Goods Receipt
    - for Sales either Sales Invoice or Despatch Note.

    The system is smart enough to decide whether intrastat information is needed against individual items on a sales job and make it compulsory to enter such information.
  • Country Of Origin / DestinationThis is held against the Supplier / Customer record, but can be changed on an item by item basis on a job.
  • Commodity CodesThere is a separate table to hold frequently used commodity codes and these can also be held against stock products so that the field is updated automatically
  • WeightsWeight per unit of measure can be held against all stock items and will automatically update jobs - for other items, and stock items where there are no weights, the user can add the weight manually.
  • Exchange Rate TablesIf required you can hold the local Custom and Excise exchange rate table to calculate monthly figures.
  • ReportingThe reporting section calculates the values for Arrivals and Despatches separately and produces output files compatible with Custom and Excise websites.