Services: Softrader 7

Financial Management

Financial management and control

Over the years the financial management and control supplied by Softrader 7 has been crucial for our clients. Efficient and easy reporting capabilities system wide and especially group wide for our bigger clients has been one of the keys. The years of client feedback have enabled us over the last 30 years to develop our server based system Softrader 7 into what is is today. A comprehensive ERP system for industrial traders with an extensive, flexible and user friendly suite of financial features.

  • Reporting (Auto, etc)The scope and usability of the reports in Softrader 7 has been developed over many years working closely with our clients in order to fulfil all the requirements of a modern industrial trading company.

    From order book reporting to invoicing every report his designed to be as flexible as possible. Select as many parameters and limiting factors as you wish then export the data in Excel or CSV files or print them in a formatted report designed to your needs. By saving your particular parameters your reports can be easily rerun periodically and even automatically and then saved to your server.
  • Order Book ReportingThe order book report supplies a detailed breakdown of the cost and sale changes in your revenue stream. You can report on individual jobs, or set parameters for your data set over a time period of your choosing. A job may have a healthy margin at the time of initial order placement - this report allows you to assess the reality of that margin over the lifetime of the job.
  • Credit LimitsFor industrial trading companies it is vital to have a solid overview of the financial risks they take. Managing customers credit limits can often be a difficult task but Softrader can give you piece of mind knowing that credit limits will be adhered to and that your managers will be informed at the earliest possible moment if a credit limit is reached. Credit limits stored against customers will ensure that material on orders for that client will not leave your warehouse without full approval from the finance department.
  • Integration with Accounts SoftwareSoftrader 7 can quickly and easily export financial transactions formatted to your requirements in the file type of your choice, they can even be scheduled to occur automatically. Over the years this has given our clients a system seamlessly integrated with their accounts package. All major accounts systems are supported and many are used by our current clients.
  • Job CostingUnlike most competitors Softrader systems have always held sales, stock and purchasing data in linking job files rather than separate sales and purchase ledgers. As a result throughout the workflow from enquiry to invoicing your users can view real time job costing data and report on changes to it over time. Simply enter the job and navigate to the summary tab and view sales, purchases and profits.