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Renewable Energy Equipment

Renewable Energy Equipment

In the 2000s Softrader took the step to expand its scope of application into the renewables industry. Many of the fundamentals of the Software make it just as suitable here as for the oil and gas industry.

With the launch of Softrader Cloud it is now better than ever for smaller companies and those with more varied activities. In the rapidly growing renewable energy market we are suitable for a bigger selection of different clients than ever. Softrader is the perfect tool for anyone from large companies with basic trading activities in the solar power market for example. All the way to small firms specialising home installation of solar thermal systems.

If your organisation is involved in the supply of services or equipment (either by manufacture or trading) to any of the following parts of the renewable energy industry and is interested in operational software then Softrader could be a fantastic fit for your company.

Wind energy



Solar energy

Solar thermal systems

Battery storage

Biomass boilers