About Softrader

Oil & Gas Equipment

Oil & Gas Equipment 

Softrader was originally designed over 30 years ago specifically to handle the requirements of valve traders to the oil and gas industry. Softrader provided a unique system of combining the sales and purchase ledgers and instead using customer orders as a primary referencing point. For companies supplying packages of valves from varied sources this method provides the ability to properly trace and control your order flow as well as superior job costing and general reporting capabilities.

Over the years with the development of BOM (bill of materials) and workshop functionalities our client base quickly spread to suppliers of all types of equipment to the oil and gas and related metallurgy industries. The system is a great match for anything from a small company with simple stock and trading activities all the way to a large scale group who have added product assembly, machining and even full scale manufacturing to their activities. Some of our early clients have grown from startup trading companies with a few employees all the way to >200 person organisations involved in all these activities.

Our client base within the oil & gas equipment supply industry include manufacturers and distributors of the following materials:

Metal bar and plate

Metal pipe

Metal pipe fittings and flanges

Pipe spools and manifolds

Pigs and related products

Pumps and related components

Branch connections

Gaskets and associated components




Valve and actuation assemblies

Flow control components and assemblies