Softrader Cloud Version 2.00 Released

We are excited to announce that we have rolled out version 2 of Softrader Cloud to users.  This update includes many changes, both in the background processes and in the ‘look’ of the system.  Details as follows:

What’s New?

[2.00] – 2017-11-13

General Changes

Screen Designs – The way the system renders all the screens has been changed. System-wide styles are now standardised, many design changes made.


  • Notifications have been added to the system, these can be viewed via the bell icon in the top-right of the page (Next to the user badge.)
  • Stock Levels Users notified when stock levels get too low for a code.
  • Scheduled Reports These now work within notifications.
  • Quote Call Dates Users notified when a quote reaches its call date.
  • System Updates Users are notified when there has been a system update and can view the change log via notification.
Job Creation Schedule
  • New Screen There’s a new JCS screen. This creates the jobs as well as scheduling them.
Switching Between Orders and Documents
  • Document Production (Quote etc.) & Process Documents (GRN etc.) You can now click the Job number to switch back to the order as well as the existing buttons.
Quick Menu
  • Throughout the system you can now open the Quick Menu via the top left menu button to navigate to a different part of the system.



Front Screen
  • Front Screen Has been completely redesigned.
  • Menu options have been moved into a list on the left.
  • A tabbed window is now available to allow you to view what you need to quickly. This includes:
  • Visualisations – Reports Visualised!
  • Recent Jobs – View recent jobs on the system, limit by customer / supplier, or even your own.
  • Find Document – Find any process document, view / reprint it.
  • Unfinished Procedures – View any outstanding documents that haven’t been processed and complete the procedure.
  • Document Queues – Find Orders with items waiting to have the chosen document produced.
  • Packing Lists – View Recent Packing lists and generate new ones based on orders with an Delivery Note raised.
  • Purchase Invoices – View unprocessed / processed Purchase Invoices and create new for Suppliers with an outstanding balance.
  • Colour Coding Now works for quotes as well as orders,
  • Red = Lost
  • Orange = Still Quoting
  • Green = Live
  • Green with a * = Order Received
  • Hollow Colour = Not Processed
Purchase Invoices
  • Warns about other log records The screen warns you if there are other unprocessed PI logs for that supplier – they may prevent you adding items to the current log.
  • VAT is not not entered by the user – it calculates based on the code selected.
  • Discrepancies Small allowed discrepancies are now allowed and can be set to custom amounts.
  • Visual aid Red marks appear next to fields that are incorrect or need filling.
  • Screen Design The screen has been totally redesigned to allow for a simpler interface. Advanced settings can be turned on and off. Click a row to view the item’s details and update Expediting notes.